We are a racing team and constructor using Hydrogen to build a Cleaner Future.

Building the necessary solutions to power the global transition to clean energy, while understanding the context, and impact of our applications.

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A track record of our efforts to build a cleaner world
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Ensuring equal access to rigorous standards for safety + design
the 2023 Bike—'Toothless'
The bike + races + data

Recent Posts

October 2nd and 3rd at the Ronald Regan International Trade Center, Washington DC.

MIT EVT releases a new addition to the open source policy that bounds uses of its technology for the good of the planet.

MIT EVT releases design details on Version 1 Energy Storage System (ESS) as well as additional tools for battery design.

Doosan Mobility Innovation
MIT Edgerton Center
Precision Engineering Research Group
AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo