Version 1 Battery Documentation Released

MIT EVT releases design details on Version 1 Energy Storage System (ESS) as well as additional tools for battery design.

Version 1 Battery Documentation Released

After a few months of work we’re really excited to announce our version 1 battery system and its associated documentation! It’s worth noting that this first version battery system is a prototype system that’s mainly intended for us to collect data during the initial stages of research. It will be followed by a more complete, optimized, and detailed battery design within the next 6 months that’s based on data collected from version 1, performance requirements of the vehicle, as well as simulation.

Version 1 ESS/Battery Specifications

  • System Voltage: 50V (12s)
  • System Capacity: 32Ah
  • Cells: SPIM08HP (16Ah)
  • Configuration: 12s2p

The associated documentation is split into two main components, detailed information on specifically the version 1 battery system itself, and tools developed for general battery systems development. Documentation specific to the version 1 ESS includes documentation on cell choices, mechanical design and structure, BMS system setup, and Mechanical CAD of the battery. This documentation is intended for hobbyists to replicate this battery for use in light-duty electric vehicle systems.

Tools developed for general battery systems development include a document outlining cell internal resistance measurement, and methods for pack and module-level resistance matching to optimize battery performance. We have also released a Python script that can take cell resistance data as an input, and output a resistance-matched pack configuration. The output is not optimal, but we will develop the tool further for release in the next version. It is likely good enough for most applications on Solar Car and FSAE teams, or hobby-grade vehicles. But, it should likely not be used for commercial application at the moment.

Please note that contributions to our documentation, and suggested edits for clarity or function are always welcome.

Version 1 Energy Management System Design + Docs

Mechanical CAD for Version 1 ESS (STEP)

Individual Cell Resistance Data + Impedance Matching Script

Procedures for Battery Internal Resistance Measurement + Matching

MIT EVT Battery Design Github Repository