Engineering Documentation

Date 21 January 2023
Info Detailed design + documentation
Notes Documentation for all our bikes broken down by version.

Version 1 Bike (2022-2023)

The following documentation for the Version 1 bike system has been released publicly for use.

Energy Storage System

Version 1 Energy Storage System Design + Docs

Mechanical CAD for Version 1 ESS (STEP)

Individual Cell Resistance Data + Impedance Matching Script

Initial Documentation (v0)

Documentation in this section includes the initial feasibility studies for the design of a hydrogen powered motorcycle, and the evalulation against other powertrains, and technologies. Please note that from the initial documentation to version 1, some parts of the system changed during the development of the platform so parts of the below white-papers are outdated but still serve as good references for design.


High-Level Design of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Motorcycle