Hey, Cambridge! We're here for you.

We want to spread fabrication, and engineering skills to our local community while inspiring interest in science, and the climate.

We want to support our local community.

Fabrication, to us, represents the ability to make anything you can dream of with your own two hands. This focus on considering “how to build things really well” while desinging them, allows us to do the creative, ground-breaking work we do.

More and more, the world is moving away from teaching fabrication in favor of more “computational” methods. Fewer high-schools have “shop” classes that teach students how to fix cars, or build super awesome things. So since fabrication is so core to what we do, we want to offer the ability to learn those skills to our local community. We believe fabrication teaches you the detailed, rigorous, physics-based, creative engineering required to understand and solve world problems. And we want to offer the ability to learn that to anyone regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, or educational background.

We want to inspire people to make the world a better place, and give them the knowledge and tools to do so. We want to give them the ability to build solutions to the problems they see with their own two hands.

Come build a better world with us <3.

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We offer programs for high-school students grades 9-12.

On-Site High School Visits + L2F Shop Tours

To inspire the next generation of innovators, we are always open to sharing the work we do. We want to showcase how we can use rigorous and creative engineering to solve even large-scale problems. Come take a tour of our shop on the MIT campus, or have us come to your school to give a presentation! Just reach out to us and let’s see what we can setup together!

High School Opportunities

While we hope to offer a more organized high-school internship program in the future, we don’t have the resources to do so at the moment. That being said, if you’re a high-school student grades 9-12 interested in our work, or that needs help on a personal or team project, reach out to us! We would love to share our knowledge in vehicle design, electronics, and more. You’re also welcome to check out our shop, see what we’re up to, and maybe build a few things with us! Shoot us an email here!

We offer additional help to our community members.

While we want to offer workshops on engineering design, motorcycle maintenance, technical workshops, and more in the future to people of all ages, we do not have the resources at the moment. While we work on getting these resources, we do offer assistance on any projects from the MIT or Cambridge community that we think we can help with if our schedule permits.

  • Have a motorcycle and are having trouble repairing it or want to learn more about maintenance of gasoline, electric, or hybrid motorcycles?
  • Have a project that uses motors, motor control, batteries, instrumentation, or power electronics for vehicles or similar systems?
  • Have general design or fabrication questions regarding metal-working, welding, CNC machining, sheet-metal forming, casting, or other processes?

If any of these apply to you, we encourage you to reach out to l2f@mit.edu! We will do our best to help.

We offer access to general resources for vehicle development.

We offer the following general resources for vehicle development that the MIT and Cambridge community can access.

Motorcycle Dynamometer Tuning


Dynojet 250i Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer

(status: operational)

We have a Motorcycle Dynamometer! Dynamometers are used to determine the performance and efficiency of motorcycle systems and also allow the user to tune the performance to the desired specifications. We own and operate a dynamometer which we allow MIT community members, Cambridge community members, and high-schools to access depending on availability and desired use.

Dyno Specs

Dynamometer Model— Dynojet 250i Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer

  • 750 Horsepower max torque
  • 200 Miles-per-hour max speed
  • Eddy current brake absorption + inertial loading

See full specifications here.

Battery/Motor Characterization + Electrical Equipment


Hardware Test Bench

(electronic loads, scopes, supplies, + datalogging)

We have a lot of equipment to help analyze vehicle batteries including electronic loads for impedance characterization and discharge curve development, and impedance matching for battery cells! We offer this equipment to MIT community members, Cambridge community members, and high-schools depending on availability.

Equipment List

The following test equipment was generously donated by Rigol, they make awesome stuff!

We are always working on getting more resources, if you have something cool to donate or share with us that we can offer to the community, please reach out!

General Disclaimers

Please note that the following general dislaimers apply to all our community programs within and outside MIT.

  • Proprietary Information Disclaimer— please also note that while most of the work we do is open source in accordance to our open-source policy, some of the information about the equipment we use is proprietary. This information is not avaliable to anyone without a strict NDA. This is to protect our development partners.
  • Liability Waiver + Safety— please also note that we take safety extemely seriously. We reserve the right to terminate any relationship should our safety rules and conditions be violated. We also assume no responsibility for damage or injury to person or property, wether we make you sign a liability waiver or not.

Please note, all our services are offered to the MIT community as well, if you are an MIT student, researcher, or lab wishing to take advantage of our resources, reach out to us via email or stop by our room in N51-318k!

Schools in the area such as Harvard, Boston Univeristy, Northeastern University, Boston College, Wellesley, and more are also welcome to reach out to us anytime.