MIT EVT's For Good <3 Agreement

MIT EVT releases a new addition to the open source policy that bounds uses of its technology for the good of the planet.

We are pleased to announce the For Good Agreement as an addition to the MIT EVT Open Source Policy! The For Good Agreement states the following about uses of any technology we develop.

MIT Electric Vehicle Team Open Source Policy FOR GOOD AGREEMENT
Effective Immediately as of August, 2023

By accessing content, or material produced by our team that is published on this
website, or in any journal, conference, or proceeding in any publically avaliable 
format including but not limited to written, video, visual, or any other form of 
media or information dissemination, you hereby agree to use the material for good. 
The use of the technology for good is defined as uses that positively, and 
productively benefit humanity and the environment, and any use of this technology for 
harming individuals or the environment, supporting the spread of mis-information, 
exclusion or discrimination of any group based on race, sexual orientation, beliefs, 
or any other factor will result in an immediate, irrevocable termination of your 
rights to use our work without review.

We added the above statement to our Open Source Policy covering all uses of our technology and projects because we strongly believe that our technology should not be used to harm the planet or any individuals living on it. We do not expect this to be an issue for a majority of our users, but ill-intentioned and ill-informed people exist, and we hope that by adding this statement to our Open Source Policy, it will at least make people think twice about what they use our projects for.

That being said if you have concers about how you’re using the information we disseminate on this site in your work, please reach out. We are always willing to help individuals to make informed ethical decisions.